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About video course

Learn yoga by watching videos

"Lifetime Qualifications and Skills"

Yoga school

And Yoga Video Course

As the times change, you can re-examine the physical and mental health of yourself and your family.

Many people may be interested in breathing and immunity.

"I want to learn yoga, but my work schedule doesn't fit."

"If the child is small and the group lesson is a group lesson, it may cause trouble for other students ..."

"I'm pregnant and I'm not feeling well, so I want to learn at my own pace at home."

We received many such voices, and at "Yoga School And Yoga"

We have created a video-only course program that you can watch at any time.

We hope that this course will help you in the first step of your debut as a yoga teacher.

By all means, learn yoga at your own pace at home, etc., and be healthy both physically and mentally.

Get lifelong qualifications and skills.  

Video course is recommended for such people

 Those who want to obtain qualifications during pregnancy or maternity leave

 Those who want to start their second career after raising children with yoga

 Those who want to work on yoga qualification at their own pace

Those who want to make their debut as a yoga instructor

 Those who want to relieve lack of exercise and stress at home

Flow until qualification acquisition


Special benefits!

① Get an individual free session! 
If you wish, we will guide you to an online individual free session. (30 minutes each time) You can ask the instructor directly about your anxieties and questions about your debut as an instructor.

② Deliver a newsletter! 
We will send you the latest information and useful information newsletter. (Irregular) We will send you information that will expand your range of activities as a baby yoga instructor and newly added yoga poses.




If mom is HAPPY, everyone is HAPPY!

For mom
Baby yoga teacher training course beginner

A course that aims to become a baby yoga instructor while learning the development of babies through baby yoga that emphasizes communication between parents and children, and taking care of not only babies but also busy moms' minds and postpartum physical care.

19,800 yen (tax included)

・ 19 videos / total time 80 minutes

・ 30-minute demonstration video / 2

・ Manual PDF download / Color 80P

・ Certificate of completion

Baby yoga

Spend time with your baby

マタニティヨガ講師養成講座 初級




・36本の動画 / 総時間211分(3時間31分)  

・30分のデモンストレーション動画 / 1本

・PDFダウンロード / テキスト(カラー50P)&解剖学(カラー60P)   


Maternity yoga

Q & A

​Frequently Asked Questions About Video Courses
  • 講座の閲覧方法
    決済完了メール到着後、「マイページ」からいつでも動画を閲覧していただけます。 閲覧方法は、携帯電話、パソコンそれぞれ以下になります。 【携帯電話】 ①画面の一番下「マイページ」を開く       ②ログインメールアドレス・パスワードを入力しログインをする       ③動画を見る(ログアウトをしない限り、いつでも視聴可能です) 【パソコン】 ①TOP画面の右上「マイページ」を開く       ②ログインメールアドレス・パスワードを入力しログインをする       ③動画を見る(ログアウトをしない限り、いつでも視聴可能です)
  • 講座マニュアルダウンロード方法
    ①各講師養成講座の注意事項下の[トレーニングマニュアルはこちら]をクリック。 ②右上矢印ボタンより[ダウンロード]して頂けます。
  • ログアウト方法
    【携帯電話】 ①左上のメニューをタップ。 ②上部に表示される会員メニューバー(会員名) をクリック。 ③ログアウト表示が現れます。 【パソコン】 画面右上の会員メニューバー(会員名)をクリックするとログアウト表示が現れます。






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