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Lecturer training course

For those who want to learn yoga face-to-face or online

We are practicing a small-group instructor training course for students.

For yoga instructors

Skill up course


​Recommended for people like this

・ National Yoga Alliance RYT200 graduate

・ Currently attending the National Yoga Alliance RYT200

・ Rookie yoga instructor

・ Active yoga instructor who is worried about current instruction

・ Those who plan to audition for fitness clubs and hot yoga

・ Yoga school And Yoga graduates (including video courses)

・ It seems like a difficult puzzle and I can't make a class for beginners

・ The sequence is always worshiping the sun and becomes a rut

・ I want you to teach me how to make a class for hot yoga

・ Please teach me how to make distinctive classes such as detox yoga, diet yoga, and pelvic adjustment yoga.

・ I'm not good at speaking in public, so I want to overcome it

・ I have completed the video baby yoga course, but I am not confident in teaching, so I would like advice.

Course content

In this course, which was born from many consultations and requests,

For those who will be active in the future as an instructor, or who are currently active, we will assist you in making classes and give detailed advice on "teaching methods".


3 hours x 2 days + 30 minutes with additional supplementary benefits (only for those who wish)


It is also possible to prepare a place to attend at home, online or here. 


​ 59,400 yen (tax included)

Course content

(1) Preliminary hearing: Answer the Q & A type hearing sheet and think about the current issues and how to brush them up.

(2) 1st time: Based on the hearing sheet, after thinking about issues and class making together, we will carefully lecture on sequences, pose variations, talk development, etc.

③ Second time: We will brush up the wording, standing behavior, how to explain the pose and how to show the demonstration in order to teach in an easy-to-understand manner.

④ Supplementary course: For those who wish, we offer a 30-minute free follow-up course based on the content of the second course.


Kaoru Oku

Started his career as a radio DJ in Hokkaido in 2002.

Since then, he has been active in various fields such as television, radio, newspapers, and events. Engaged in speaking training at companies, schools, etc. with the theme of "speaking that conveys the heart". In addition, after acquiring the National Yoga Alliance RYT200, he started working as a yoga instructor. Representative of the yoga school And Yoga. He teaches as a tea chart trainer for Magma Yoga and the National Yoga Alliance.

Lecturer message

The important thing in the instruction is, of course, the technique of yoga, but I think that you all have noticed in the actual field and studying RYT that it is the same as creating a sequence, speaking and communicating.

I can't give lectures on particularly difficult poses.

However, thankfully, many people come and ask, "I want you to teach me how to teach yoga."

I think the reason is that I can help you simply unravel the complicated knowledge of yoga in your head .

As with any other qualification, graduating from RYT or a course does not mean that you can make your debut as an instructor immediately.

Many of the popular teachers are working hard behind the lessons.

However, if you make a mistake in your efforts, you will end up going round and round.

There are some "knacks and rules" for creating a sequence that even beginners can easily understand and feel the effects.

I think that these "knacks and rules" will be of great help in my future activities as an instructor.

In addition, we will help you to improve your skills in terms of communication and speaking. We will give a one-on-one lecture until you are satisfied with it.


We look forward to your participation.

Basic yoga teacher training course 40 hours


​Recommended for people like this

・ I want to learn in a short period of time and be able to teach basic yoga 
・ I don't have time to attend the 200 hours of the National Yoga Alliance

・ I want to deepen yoga for myself instead of teaching 
・ I want to learn full-fledged knowledge that cannot be learned in yoga classes
・ I am already active as a fitness instructor, but I want to expand the range of yoga

Course content

Based on the modern mainstream yoga style, learn yoga from the basics and learn basic yoga poses including stretching and sun salutation.

After graduation, you will be able to teach basic yoga classes, and you will acquire the skills to open yoga classes yourself and teach yoga at fitness clubs and yoga studios.


Since it supports private classes, you can set a timetable at your favorite time and on your favorite day of the week.
* Since the number of students is currently limited, new students will start the course after the end of July. Please contact us for details.

Example ① Those who want to learn in a short period of time 6 hours a day x 5 days 
Example (2) I want to learn while raising children or at the end of work because it is okay to take time 3 hours a day x 10 days 


It is also possible to prepare a place to attend at home, online or here. 


Price 165,000 yen (tax included)

* Text fee included, business trip fee and venue fee related to business trip are not included)
* Credit card payment or bank transfer will be accepted.
* Credit card payment for this course is handled only in a lump sum. If you wish to split, please go to the credit card company of your own card to complete the split procedure later.

Course content

​・ Yoga breathing method 
・ Stretch foundation 
・ Yoga pose basics 
・ Sun Worship A Teaching Method 
・ Sun Worship B Teaching Method 
・ Yoga Pose Advance 
・ Meditation and Shaba Asana 
・ History of yoga: Ancient edition 
・ History of yoga: modern edition 
・ Consideration: Yoga Sutra 
・ Consideration: Yoga Philosophy 
・ Yoga anatomy ① Muscle and skeleton 
・ Yoga anatomy ② How to move joints 
・ How to make a 60-minute class 
・ How to make a relaxing class 
・ How to make a power class 
・ Props (tool) usage 
・ Speaking course for instructors 
・ Yoga Business ① How to start a classroom? 
・ Yoga business ② Attracting customers

* There is one hour's worth of assignments each time, and the total of lectures and assignments is 40 hours.

​For mom

Baby yoga teacher training course beginner


​Recommended for people like this

・ I can't go out as I want while raising children

・ I can't meet the fixed schedule

・ I want to learn one-on-one with an instructor

・ I want to incorporate it into training at companies and nursery schools

・ I want to learn more than the video course.

・ I want to study while talking with the instructor and asking questions if I don't understand.

Recommended for such people: Lecture + Practical skill = 6 hours in total.

​Course content

A course that aims to become a baby yoga instructor while learning the development of babies through baby yoga that emphasizes communication between parents and children, and taking care of not only babies but also busy moms' minds and postpartum physical care. Learn how to teach a 30-60 minute class that combines yoga for moms and yoga for babies.


Since it supports private classes, you can set a timetable at your favorite time and on your favorite day of the week.


① 1day course 6 hours x 1 day (with breaks on the way)

② 2days course 3 hours x 2 days

③ 3days course 2 hours x 3 days


It is also possible to prepare a place to attend at home, online or here. 


59,400 yen (tax included)


* The price is per person.

* Discounts are available for group applications and corporate applications. Please contact us.

Course content

・ Introduction-Introduction

・ Characteristics of baby yoga

・ Expected effects and benefits of baby yoga-Mom edition

・ Expected effects and benefits of baby yoga-Baby edition

・ Before starting the class

・ About rules / safety follow-up during lessons

・ Things to prepare when holding a class

・ Baby yoga class flow-About mothering yoga

・ Mother ring yoga pose collection

・ Baby yoga ・ It will start

・ Oyako Fureai Yoga Pose Collection ① Sit or Crawl Pose

・ Oyako Fureai Yoga Pose Collection ② Standing Pose

・ Oyako Fureai Yoga Pose Collection ③ Supine Pose

・ About attachment time

・ Points to teach safely

・ Example of class pose combination

・ About attracting customers and notification methods

・ Frequently Asked Questions Q & A

・ Graduation test

​Lecturer introduction


I will answer!

​Kaoru Oku

Private session

I want to be a yoga instructor, but I don't have anyone to talk to. I'm not confident in speaking in public. I want to teach yoga by a method other than face-to-face lessons.


How to attract customers ...? It takes a lot of courage to try new things.

I have been involved in public speaking work for 20 years. Even after changing career to yoga, events, attracting overseas instructors, studio management and instructor training

Through such activities, I have worked in various ways not only with students but also with many people.

Based on these experiences, I hope it will be useful for those who are aiming for career change and career advancement as a yoga instructor. With that in mind, we are holding an individual session.

Recommended for people like this

・ I want to work as a yoga instructor, but I don't know what to start with

・ I'm worried about how to attract customers

・ I want to expand business opportunities, not just a lesson instructor

・ I want to start selling video courses, but it doesn't work

・ I want to make a homepage, but I don't know how to make it

・ I want to hear about my life experience and freelance experience

・ I want to take a 90-minute yoga class

Any content is OK.

  Thanks to the times, personal sessions are now possible anywhere in the world. Let's think together about how to step up from the current situation while talking.

Online individual session 90 minutes: Fee 16,500 yen

Kaoru Oku /  Kaoru Oku

"Oku Kaoru Kaoru Oku" Yoga School And Yoga Representative / Wise One Co., Ltd. Representative Director


Born in Sapporo. Started activities as a radio personality at FM North Wave, a radio station in Hokkaido in 2002. Since then, he has been in charge of various programs on TV and radio, and his activities are wide-ranging, such as serialization on paper, MC, narration, and movie appearances. Encountered yoga in 2013 and obtained the National Yoga Alliance RYT200. Established KAORU OKU & YOGA in 2015. The name was changed to "& YOGA Sapporo" in the spring of 2017.

Currently, he works with various freelance instructors to spread yoga in various places.

The motto is "bright, fun, and easy-to-understand yoga even for beginners." He teaches yoga in various places with the mission of creating an opportunity to become the entrance to yoga. In addition, we also invite overseas lecturers, plan yoga events, and collaborate with local governments on yoga.


National Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Hours Completed / Open Source Yoga basic Teaching Skills (Canada) / Yinspiration Yin Yoga (Singapore) Teacher Training 130 Hours Completed (Traditional Chinese Medicine / Fascia Release / Pelvic / Spinal Anatomy) / Japan Core Conditioning Association Core Contrainer ( Fascia release)

Namba Nozomi  /  Nozomi Nanba

"Nozomi Nanba" Yoga Instructor / Yoga School And Yoga Web Director / Public Relations


Born in Hokuto City. In 2003, he suffered a shoulder injury on a snowboard and encountered yoga during his rehabilitation.

The days when I couldn't move one arm were painful due to physical and mental pain, and I felt that my free body before the injury was not a matter of course, but a very important and dear existence.

After his injuries healed, he began to immerse himself in surfing at home and abroad and in winter to enjoy snowboarding and nature, and a few years later he encountered hot yoga in surfing training. Impressed by the feeling of mind and body after the class, which I had never experienced before, I decided to study yoga deeply and served as a lecturer at a major yoga studio for 3 years.

In 2016, he studied Sanghawai 200 hours teacher's training program YOKO FUJIWARA on Oahu in search of further learning. Currently, he is active as a teacher of Vinyasa style yoga class and yoga instructor training course that moves the body according to breathing. We convey slow and flow yoga that anyone can do in various parts of Sapporo. (Completion of RYT 200)


Sanghawai 200 hours teacher's training from YOKO FUJIWARA (RYT 200 hours completed)


​For mom

Baby yoga teacher training course beginner

Baby yoga that emphasizes parent-child communication.

This course aims to become a baby yoga instructor while learning the development of babies through yoga and providing thorough mental and postpartum physical care for busy moms.

19,800 yen (tax included)

・ 19 videos / total time 80 minutes

・ 30-minute demonstration video / 2

・ Manual PDF download / Color 80P

・ Certificate of completion






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