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ABOUT And Yoga

About us

And Yoga representative message

We teach yoga nationwide based on business trip yoga and online courses.


So far, 114 people have graduated from the instructor training course (including all the courses sponsored by overseas instructors).

In event-type business trip yoga, we visited various places from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Recently, with the passage of time, we have received many connections with students online and in video courses.


Yoga is said to come from the yoga person when needed.


What we value is to act as a bridge between yoga and those who need it.


The name And Yoga has an important meaning. As the literal translation is, it is "○○ and yoga".

This XX is the name of everyone who has come across yoga through us.

I want to be a place to convey yoga that is close to that person's life and that they share their lives with.


Yoga can be a lifelong partner, reminding you of your natural physical comfort, and sometimes helping, encouraging, complimenting, and loving you.


With the mission of communicating the opportunity to as many people as possible, "Yoga School And Yoga" provides studio lessons as well as flexible delivery of the necessary yoga where and where it is needed.


May your connection on this site be the first step in your encounter with yoga. Also, for those who are already practicing yoga, I hope it will be an opportunity to open a new door.


With all our heart, we would like to introduce you to the yoga program that And Yoga is proud to guide you.


​Lecturer introduction


Kaoru Oku /  Kaoru Oku

"Oku Kaoru Kaoru Oku" Yoga School And Yoga Representative / Wise One Co., Ltd. Representative Director  


Born in Sapporo. Started activities as a radio personality at FM North Wave, a radio station in Hokkaido in 2002. Since then, he has been in charge of various programs on TV and radio, and his activities are wide-ranging, such as serialization on paper, MC, narration, and movie appearances. Encountered yoga in 2013 and obtained the National Yoga Alliance RYT200. Established KAORU OKU & YOGA in 2015. The name was changed to "& YOGA Sapporo" in the spring of 2017.

Currently, he works with various freelance instructors to spread yoga in various places.

The motto is "bright, fun, and easy-to-understand yoga even for beginners."

He teaches yoga in various places with the mission of creating an opportunity to become the entrance to yoga. In addition, we also invite overseas lecturers, plan yoga events, and collaborate with local governments on yoga.


National Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Hours Completed / Open Source Yoga basic Teaching Skills (Canada) / Yinspiration Yin Yoga (Singapore) Teacher Training 130 Hours Completed (Traditional Chinese Medicine / Fascia Release / Pelvic / Spinal Anatomy) / Japan Core Conditioning Association Core Contrainer ( Fascia release)

Namba Nozomi  /  Nozomi Nanba

"Nozomi Nanba" Yoga Instructor / Yoga School And Yoga Web Director / Public Relations


Born in Hokuto City. In 2003, he suffered a shoulder injury on a snowboard and encountered yoga during his rehabilitation.

The days when I couldn't move one arm were painful due to physical and mental pain, and I felt that my free body before the injury was not a matter of course, but a very important and dear existence.

After his injuries healed, he began to immerse himself in surfing at home and abroad and in winter to enjoy snowboarding and nature, and a few years later he encountered hot yoga in surfing training. Impressed by the feeling of mind and body after the class, which I had never experienced before, I decided to study yoga deeply and served as a lecturer at a major yoga studio for 3 years.

In 2016, he studied Sanghawai 200 hours teacher's training program YOKO FUJIWARA on Oahu in search of further learning. Currently, he is active as a teacher of Vinyasa style yoga class and yoga instructor training course that moves the body according to breathing. We convey slow and flow yoga that anyone can do in various parts of Sapporo. (Completion of RYT 200)


Sanghawai 200 hours teacher's training from YOKO FUJIWARA (RYT 200 hours completed)


And Yoga service

Video course

Learn yoga by watching videos


Lecturer training course

Learn yoga face-to-face or online


Business trip yoga

Dispatch of yoga teacher



And Yoga Blog

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​For mom

Baby yoga teacher training course beginner

Baby yoga that emphasizes parent-child communication.

This course aims to become a baby yoga instructor while learning the development of babies through yoga and providing thorough mental and postpartum physical care for busy moms.

19,800 yen (tax included)

・ 19 videos / total time 80 minutes

・ 30-minute demonstration video / 2

・ Manual PDF download / Color 80P

・ Certificate of completion





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