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Business trip yoga

We dispatch yoga instructors to various parts of Hokkaido and all over the country, and plan yoga events.


Please use it at events, as a welfare program, as a health promotion program, as a service content, or as one of the new town revitalization. ​ 


Business trip yoga achievements

Garden Yoga at Taisetsumori Garden (Kamikawa Town) / Natural Factory Dispatch of Magma Yoga Teachers at Hokkaido (Torakanhama, Shirao Town) and Training and Content Creation / Natural Science Store home Sapporo Baby Yoga and Maternity Yoga for Customers / Sports Club Zip Regular instructor dispatch to Hoshino Resort Tomamu Unkai Yoga and Beach Yoga / Event Yoga at Northern Horse Park (Chitose City) / Garden Yoga at Hokkaido Cottage Garden (Tsukigata Town) / Garden Yoga at Anping Town / Sapporo Health & Stage Yoga at Beauty Fair / Stage Yoga and Booth Yoga at Hokkaido Genki Matsuri / Booth Yoga at Happy Mama Festa 2017 / Yoga for students aiming to become a sports trainer or acupuncture / judo rehabilitation teacher at Hokkaido Medical Sports College Class / Yoga class for students aiming to become dental hygiene at Hokkaido High Technology College / Event yoga for youth and local residents at Minamihoro Town Sports Boy Scouts / Booth yoga at Rising Sun Rock Festival 2013 / Child-rearing free paper emina Yoga Seminar for Moms / Hokkaido Beauty Life Magazine Yoga Seminar / Yomiuri Shimbun Morning Activity Yoga Course / Yoga Course for Kindergarten Teachers at Hokuho Gakuen / Children's Day Service Happy Clover / Children's Day Service Dream Maeda / Sapporo Mitsui Welfare yoga for JP building tenant companies / Yoga in sports shops at Amea Sports Japan / Event yoga at Sapporo Sports Hall / Human for those who work at construction sites at Sunkit AI Safety Cooperation Association Yoga as a mental and physical health method to prevent errors / Welfare yoga for the staff of Tsukikan Central Dental Clinic / Social Dance Studio Dream 24 / Okinawa Tourism Convention Bureau Hokkaido Shimbun Okinawa Yoga Tour / JA Kitasorachi For Farmers Yoga class / Levanga Hokkaido athlete training yoga / Women's soccer Nordia Hokkaido athlete training yoga / Natural science Online maternity yoga for customers, baby yoga, yoga for adults, etc.

Event sponsorship and cooperation and achievements in inviting overseas lecturers
Daniel Clement (Canada) Workshop for Yoga Teachers in Sapporo (2014) / APPORO YOGA EXPO2016 @ Sapporo Convention Center (sponsored) / Hokkaido Garden Yoga Festival2016 @ Daisetsu Mori no Garden (cooperation / sponsored by Uekawacho) / Jo Phee (Singapore) Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course 65 Hours in Sapporo (2017 and 2019) / Jo Phee Yin Yoga Online Workshop (2020)


How to request

Fees vary depending on the content, number of people, and planning .

Please feel free to contact us for detailed date and time consultation and fees.
We will respond in good faith so that we can convey yoga as much as possible according to your wishes.


​For mom

Baby yoga teacher training course

Baby yoga that emphasizes parent-child communication.

This course aims to become a baby yoga instructor while learning the development of babies through yoga and providing thorough mental and postpartum physical care for busy moms.

19,800 yen (tax included)

・ 19 videos / total time 80 minutes

・ 30-minute demonstration video / 2

・ Manual PDF download / Color 80P

・ Certificate of completion






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